AVADA – Academic association of management and administration unites Lithuanian and international researchers and scientists from the fields of Business management, Organization studies, Economics, Social education and Pedagogy, and Public administration.

Our association was created in 2010 in the wake of a broad reform that liberalized Lithuanian education system. Science classification approved by the Minister for Science and Education in 2011 identifies “Management and Administration” (lith. Vadyba ir administravimas) as a distinct field within the Social Sciences. This classification is at the basis of education and science policy in the country. It is our belief that classifications alone do not lead to productive research. This is why AVADA aims to be an organizations, that (i) continuously gauges the process of research within the field, (ii) provides a platform for sharing best practice and cooperation by transcending institutional boundaries between scientist and researcher who’s work falls under the category Management and administration; between disciplines of Management and administration and disciplines that can meaningfully contribute to research in our field; between scientific organization and organizations (in business, public and non-profit sectors) that are the end beneficiaries of research our members do.

AVADA is a registered publisher. Association and its member nor only organizes the annual AVADA conference, but also actively participate in organizing various scientific events with its partners. Please see our publications and conference material in the links below. The association organizes monthly seminars, an annual scientific conference, acts as a platform for joint research and publications by members from different institutions, designs and organizes training courses and science popularization events.

Our mission and values

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